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FMFZ25×(60、80、100) Computerized auto-control mill

It is equipped with denti-wedge belt drive of slow and quick rollers and stepless adjustment of feeding roller which is suitable for modern and large flour mills.


  1. Computerized auto-control,you can also manual cotrol or remote control in front of the mill.
  2.  The rotate speed of feeding rollers will speed governing automaticly between 33r/min and 260r/min.
  3. The horizontal rollers constitute separate self-maintaining institution with the damping girder.
  4. Liquid crystal show the roll clearance、rotate speed of feeding rollers and percent of load power.
  5.  It is equipped with denti-wedge belt drive of slow and quick rollers
  6. The body of mill is welded with the high quality steel plate,sturdy and durable,beautiful apperance.
  7. The main control element and bearing are adopted the famous brand at home and abroad.

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